Tips on How to Keep a Client Happy

If you are self-employed, then, you may have been in this situation once or twice: you finish a project, check over it, and send it off to your client feeling confident that you did a good job. However, once the client receives it you discover that the client is unhappy with the work. When this occurs, you find yourself working double time trying to earn the clients trust back. Without their trust they will not refer you to others for further work. In knowing this, here are tips on how to control a client that may be less than pleased with your work.

Probably, the most important thing to remember, when learning how to control a client, is to never blame the problem on them. Although, it may be true that they did not give you enough information to go on, you should still take full responsibility. The famous quote goes “the customer is always right.” Remember you’re selling a service and no matter what the issue may be, never blame the client because they are essentially your customer.

If the client simply just tells you “I just don’t like it” ask them why. Ask them ways that you can improve the product or service. Clients prefer you to ask questions on how you can make things better. If you simply say fine do it yourself you will not only lose that client but, many more. The word of mouth is very powerful. The more questions you ask about what you can do to fix the issue the happier the client will become.

So, the next time the client says simply “I just don’t like it” and, as a result, is unhappy with the finished project work with them. The more you do to fix the problem, the happier they will be.