Tips on Maintaining Your Brick Home

Maintaining Your Brick Home

A lot of people do not realize that brick can be one of the most durable materials that you can build a house from. If you are one of the lucky ones to own a brick home you will also soon find that it is energy efficient as well. Another great advantage of a good brick home is that it has a high resale value. However, you must perform an annual inspection for any wear and tear. Here are a few tips to look for to maintain your brick home.

When you check for damage on your brick home, most of the damage you find is not in the brick itself but, in the mortar. Take the time to hose the brick down and while doing this, check for any mortar that may be crumbling or, any moss or mildew. Using a mix of bleach and water along with a scrub brush will help you remove most of the growth.

For Maintaining Your Brick Home you should also check for any vines or any other types of growth on your home. Although it may look nice on the home they can actually be very damaging. This is because they adhere to the brick and, as a result, cause erosion. If you happen to find vines growing on your home never pull them off instead, cut the vines close to the soil and let the vines die and fall off the home naturally. If you pull the vines off the home you can cause damage to the brick.

Once you have inspected your home, you need to repair any damaged mortar. You need to begin by chiseling out any damaged mortar with a chisel but being careful only to remove the damaged portion. Once you have done this you will want to paint a layer of bonding agent on the area, then, mix and apply the new mortar. You will want to make sure that you finish the joint by gently running your finger around it to form a shallow depression. Make sure that you take the time after the mortar dries to wash the area with an acid wash that will not damage the brick.

If you happen to find any damaged bricks during your inspection they are easy to fix as well. You need to do this by removing any mortar that surrounds the damaged brick. Once the brick is removed, clean the area, then either dampen with water or use a bonding agent. Next, mix and spread new mortar near the bottom of the brick opening. Next, lie in the new brick and then mortar both the sides and top of the brick. Run your finger over the new mortar then, gently clean the area.

Brick homes are not only energy efficient, but, they have a high resale value as well. If you take the time to care for your home, you will have a beautiful home for years to come by Maintaining Your Brick Home in a proper way.