Travel in Nova Scotia

There are many ways to travel to Nova Scotia.  The CAT car ferry service has special ferries leaving from Portland Maine and Bay Harbor Maine and arriving in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. These ferries ply only on certain days and time during the week. Many ferry services are available daily in Nova Scotia.


Here are some of the airlines that travel to and from Nova Scotia.


  1. Delta Airlines: Provides service to Halifax with connections in Detroit, and Michigan.
  2. Continental Airlines: Provides service to Halifax with connections in Newark, and New Jersey.
  3. West Jet: Offers US and Canada connections.
  4. Air Canada: Offers Us, Canada and international connections.
  5. Can Jet: US and Canada connections.


Shuttle services are available not only from the airports but also from the city.  The shuttle from the airport offers service between the cities of Halifax and Enfield. Some of the shuttles offer door-to-door service.


If you prefer not to fly and let someone else do the driving then Grey Hound Bus Lines would be a great alternative.  Grey Hound offers service to Nova Scotia including eastern Canada. You can also book the services of the Bus rentals for a tour of all the sight seeing places in the city.


Nova Scotia operates a program called “Operation Red Nose” which helps impaired drivers by providing free rides to their home. Volunteers provide this service.


The public transit is very efficient and reliable. Two authorities are Halifax Metro Transit and Cape Breton Regional Municipality Transit. Both offer services at regular fares throughout the local cities.


Many taxi companies are available for your business. There is bountiful supply of taxis eagerly awaiting your business. Most are open seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day.


These taxis are not only dependable but also efficient in getting you to where you need to go.  Water taxis are also available.  They offer shuttle services throughout the region.  They also offer boat tours of the region charging fees by the hour.


Business and regular services are provided by the VIA Rail.  Bus connections are available through this service ensuring that you will be able to arrive at your final destination.


If you are in the mood to drive, rental car companies are waiting for your call. Their charges are reasonable and these car rental companies are located throughout Canada. If you want to check out the local weather, feel free to log onto a website where roadside conditions and weather conditions are available for the public.


As you can see, traveling to or within Nova Scotia is not a problem. Nova Scotia offers you many types of transportation services so that you can fully enjoy your stay and utilize your holiday for fun and enjoyment.

Whether it is driving a rental car through the countryside or public transportation taking you downtown, Nova Scotia offers numerous forms of transportation to provide you with the service you need to reach the place that you want to visit.


Nova Scotia awaits, you can leave the driving to us or allow us to provide you with quality transportation. So what are you waiting for?  Make reservations today or speak to your travel agent about the many vacation opportunities waiting for you in Nova Scotia.