Secrets of Turmeric benefits and Rhizomes?

Tumeric or turmeric has different health benefit. Turmeric is one of the most common Indian spices usually grown in plain region of India.  Turmeric belong to the rhizomatous family or ginger family, it is native of South Asia. It usually grows in temperature of about 25-30 degree centigrade temperature. Turmeric benefits are manifold and widely used medicinal value for several hundred of years. Turmeric rhizome or root are usually buried underground and then it is directly use of medicinal purpose or it has been dried and powder is prepared for storage for long time conservation. In India it is most commonly use as spice to color the food. It is also used for healing wounds. Turmeric benefits are uncountable and now it available in any store in form of capsule over the counter.  Tumeric or turmeric is well known herbal medicine since Vedic age.

Turmeric benefits are well known and mostly used as an antibacterial agent. Tumeric or turmeric can easily fight infection and antioxidant compound present in turmeric rhizome helps to fight cancer. Applying turmeric rhizome paste can easily heal wound, scar or cuts. Eating turmeric can enhance your immune system and helps in fighting any kind infections. Turmeric benefits as powerful antioxidant by absorbing and fighting against free radical often produce in the body. There are some reports that tumeric or turmeric can also prevent metastasis of cancerous cell.

Turmeric benefits in digesting food easily and can increase appetite.  It also protects liver from certain bad outcome and protects it from many diseases. It has been shown that that eating turmeric rhizome for long time can prevent bloating and often relieve the symptoms of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. Tumeric or turmeric has also positive effect in lowering blood pressure and maintain good heart health by keeping low the level of cholesterol. Turmeric benefits in treating anxiety and depression and also enhances overall health of any individual. There is some literature which has shown that regular consumption of turmeric can increase memory and often prevent the Alzheimer’s disease. Crush turmeric rhizomes and making paste with milk can be used as face pack to remove dry scale and nourish your skin with soft glow and make it shiny.  Tumeric or turmeric has now been commercialized to make several herbal beauty products.