Unfold the Beauty inside the Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the nature’s wonderful creations. It has versatile uses. Other than most commonly using for adding flavor to your food and drink, it also has great skin nourishing effect to enhance natural beauty. Here are few ways how you can use lemon juice as part of your daily beauty work out.

Lemon Juice Benefits For skin care

  • Lemon juice is extremely good in removing dark or black spot on elbow, arm pits or facial skin. You can just cut a piece of a lemon and rub against your skin for few minutes it will fades away the spot and make your skin glow and change your skin into lighter tone. One can also apply lemon juice before going to bed on dark spot on elbow or knee and you can definitely going to visible effect after few days.  You can also apply half cup of lemon juice in a full tub of Luke warm water and add few drops of almond oil. Then soak yourself in this beauty tonic for at least 15-20 minutes at least once or twice a week and see the effect.
  • Lemon is also good treatment for your blackheads in nose or face. Rub lemon juice in those areas and remove the blackheads. If your skin is sensitive just dilute it before using and also try avoiding use lemon juice when going out in the sun and it is prone to absorb more sunlight.
  • You can also make your skin tone for oily skin using lemon. Just use 4 spoonfuls of lemon juice and vodka and add 2 spoonfuls of distilled water and witch hazel mix the entire component and use it as skin toner every time you’re cleaning your face. You can also preserve them for 10-15 days in a bottle and refrigerate them
  • Lemon is very good ingredients in facial pack, just mix olive oil, honey and lemon juice and apply this in your face and then wash it after 5-7 minutes. It will completely revive your skin and make it shine.
  • You can also make your own exfoliating scrub in minute in home using lemon juice. Just use few drops of lemon juice in granulated sugar and don’t melt in the sugar and rub this mixture in your face until sugar melts in your face and see how it exfoliate  your dead dry skin and make your face glow and toned. Try this method for at least twice a week.

Lemon Juice Benefits For hair care

  • Try making your own hair lotion using three fourth cup of olive oil, half cup honey and one third cup of lemon juice and mix these together. Apply this for at least an hour to wet your hair from root to end and then cover it plastic cap. Then wash your hair shampoo and see the difference, it will definitely help your hair to make soft smooth and silky.
  • Highlight your hair by spraying mixture of lemon juice and water equal amount in your hair and then blow dry the hair for 10 minutes. You can easily the effect of light hair your hair will get light toned.
  • For a lemon hair rinse, mix the juice from two lemons (about 3 fluid ounces) with a quart of water. This rinse helps to reduce oils from oily hair.
  • Lemon is very good treatment for most common hair problem that is dandruff. Apply lemon with any kind of hair oil or you can apply directly to your scalp and rinse it off with shampoo and it clear your scalp and help to reduce dandruff issue.