Unfolding the Truth behind the most Desired Natural Resource

As we all know that diamond is the most precious mineral ore in world. Our eyes glitter as we name this mineral. It is also considered as hardest material in the universe. Ironically diamond is also available in the same place where coal mines are. They are actually belonging to the same descendent of carbon family. Coal, lead pencil and diamond are all allotropes of carbon. The beautiful luster and bright reflection make it most precious gem in whole world. They are usually obtained in crude form in coal mines with other form ores.

It one of the most wonderful natural resource we usually find in mines. The formation of diamond is not in the hand of technology. Although we are generating lot of synthetic diamond, they are very low in grade in diamond clarity chart and original diamond formation actually takes few hundred years to form.  The main process of formation of diamond is extremely high pressure and very warm temperature convert carbon into diamond over long time period. These natural resource usually found in the very deep crevices in the earth surface where there is flow of natural ore like kimberlite. Diamonds are usually formed from volcanic eruption few hundred years ago and then it became cold and found seated in deep conduit of any volcanic remains among lava converted into ore. Diamond mines are usually present in large number in Africa, Brazil, Australia and Russia. Lot of research has been made to synthesize laboratory grade diamond like strontium titanate or zirconia or moissanite, but still they are lacking the luster, brightness and much softer than naturally occurring diamond. Real diamond with little bit of impurities like nitrogen or boron or radiation can give its fine color like yellow, blue or green. The most pure diamond is always white in color and also depends on diamond clarity chart.

Diamond is one of the most desirable and possession that anyone can have. Other than being used for most cherished jewelry items it is also used in various industries because of it’s certain properties. Diamond is mostly used in glass and optical industries as it has sharpest edge and very strong property of withstanding extreme temperature like hot or cold. Although we always think that main purpose of diamond is for ornaments but practically only 20 percent of total diamond production is used for jewelry purpose. The value of diamond is totally depending on diamond clarity chart, color, weight and cut.