Unique Gift Ideas for your Boss

Unique gift ideas for loving one is always bringing you joy and pleasure. But there are few occasions where you have to buy a gift for your honorable boss. Giving something to your boss as gift is extremely critical and can be evaluated in so many ways. But some circumstances definitely required buying gift for your boss and you cannot ignore it. Occasion like New Year or Christmas is far easier to choose a gift rather than boss’s birthday, or a sorry card or a card to flatter him/her in subtle way. Don’t spend lot of time on thinking about, here are few tips you can try using these to choose perfect corporate gift for your boss.

  • Try to have a survey on boss’ choice.  Now make a note in your mind, what usually you observe in boss’s room or in his/her working station. If you find lot of musical accessories like CDs, iPod etc, give him some good classical music or try to gaze the choice and buy those musical DVDs or iTunes and give it as a present.  If you think your boss like portrait or painting or he /she like travelling then bring a small but surely beautiful portrait, which he/she can keep in his office.
  • Try to have an idea about the food that your boss likes to eat. Is he always likes to drink coffee and some kind of snacks, or is he/she has a great passion for exotic chocolate. If it is so, bring him the best brewed coffee from national or international place. You can also buy him best truffle and chocolate of delicacy from renowned place and give it to your boss. You can also bring the pastry from best bakery around.
  • If you feel that your boss is avid reader then present him a book or novel if you are confident about the choice of book he/she might like. If you don’t know then give him a gift card of the Barnes and Nobel or any other book store so that your boss can get his/her own choice of book.
  • There are few unique gift ideas; you can always apply to your boss. Among them are a best looking pen set, a date calendar, a crystal paper weight, a small lamp or a pen or other office tool holder etc.
  • Don’t try some gift which he/she might not like. Don’t give him/her photo frame personalized especially mark for family. If you don’t know about your boss’s family life, if you have never seen any family picture in his/her table try not giving anything that can touch his personal life in photo frame personalized exclusive for him/her. Rather give him/her different eye catching or inspirational proverbs or quotes in a frame.

Once you made your decision and purchased it do not forget to pack a gift nicely to enhance its value.