What are Water Activities for Parents and Kids in the Pool?

Swimming is always fun for kids if they love water. But if your child doesn’t like water then you have to use some fulfilled tricks for teaching swimming lesson for babies. Children can easily train your child for swimming starting at the age of three months but is advisable to start around 6 months. Try to do some mom and kids water activities to teach your kids first swimming lesson. Playing fun cool games in the pool are very much wonderful things you can spent doing with your kid in the pool.

Start the game of water splashing. Water splashing while floating with floater or jacket is extremely helpful water activities for the swimming lesson for babies. Use device like floater or water noodles will help them to acclimatize with water environment. Moving the legs and hand constantly will help them to move their body parts freely in water. It is easier to have more kids together that will make it more fun. Then try the game called game shower. You can pour some water with the help of bucket or piston and spray gently on the face and head of your kid. This will help them to get rid of the fear of the water getting on their face very slowly. Try this water activities few times and you will see that your kids are also trying to do it. Starting with splash and shower game are few steps towards basic swimming lesson for babies.

Some rhyming game like humpty dumpty or ring a ring a roses will teach them the next step towards swimming. When you see your baby started liking the water start this very important crucial game to teach them how to hold their breath under the water during swimming lesson for babies.  Try singing this humpty dumpty song together in shallow area of the pool and then gently put their head under the water for 2-3 seconds when you say “humpty dumpty had a great fall”. Try these water activities few times and definitely they will definitely going to like these and also become more competent with water. After this try the final step for swimming lesson for babies is the floating. Try to put them in water wing or ring and put them in sitting position. You try to hold them by their back and watch them how they are sitting and floating in the water. This will teach them completely became accustomed with the water and also relax them by singing their favorite song.