Weight Loss Doesn’t Happen Overnight

There are many dishonest manufacturers who try desperately to sell their weight loss programs and deceive you. They claim that by using their program you will be able to successfully shed 2 pounds in a week or 10 pounds in a month. This is ridiculous. And even if you manage to succeed shedding this much weight, you’ll gain it back in a month. This is because of discontinuing the rigorous exercises and dieting you had done to lose weight. You gain weight slowly, and so do you lose weight slowly. Putting on weight is easier than taking off weight.


As of now, it is essential to understand two key points

  1.        I.        Weight loss needs devoted approach to take off the excess fat from your body,
  2.      II.        You put on weight because of the unhealthy lifestyle you are leading.

So, it is evident that you were leading an unhealthy lifestyle that why you put on weight. And to shed weight you must learn to lead a healthy lifestyle.


The reasons why you fail a weight loss program are fairly simple. You are habitual and tend to react in stressful situations. To say the least, you are not going to lose weight by skipping a meal. If you have a cheese sandwich in the morning for breakfast, skip lunch at work and return home to a sumptuous meal, and have food tour satisfaction, no matter the diets, exercise programs you attend. You will not loose weight even one bit. In fact, you are likely to gain weight.


Stressful situations will make you feel hungry. When stresses, we tend to chew something as we feel hungry. This hampers your chances of losing weight, and eventually the weight loss program fails miserably.


It takes time get desired results. You cannot expect to see your weight decreasing in a week’s time. Most people start working out regularly in the gym. They do rigorous training and exercises, but do not lose weight. Even after two months of regular workout in the gym, they do not see their weight dropping; they get disappointed and quit working out. The problem of not loosing weight in spite of regular working out in gym could be the selection of exercises’, and or the diet change by the person.  If the results are too slow, they start feeling weak, and will continue in their normal routine to feel better.

By stopping things they need to change and move forward to lead a healthy a life, they often risk their health conditions. Mainly, the weight loss stops, the energy levels decrease. They are down on morale and feel that weight loss is a dream or a fantasy to them. These people will not be able to starve, or work out in a gym for more than2 hours.

To make your weight loss a success, you must do these essential things

  1. Develop a strict regime that suits your lifestyle. Follow a healthy diet, and do a regular work out in the gym for at least two hours a day
  2. Be determined to the weight loss. Do not loose hope.
  3. Do not expect quick results. You may start reducing one pound per week. Do not consider this to be a weigh loss regime; in fact consider this a step to move to a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Seek support from your family and friends. These people will always remind you that you want to shed the extra weight, and discover a slimmer you.


As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day; all the excess fat and weight you gained too did not come in overnight. It was a result of the unhealthy lifestyle you led over the past years. And the get results you need to wait and keep patience. It may take about a year to start looking and feeling healthy, but the efforts will certainly pay off, if you show dedication.