What are the Ideas of Interior Painting

Painting in a room can change the effect of room and how it looks. We always think the light color is always good for room. But actually by giving touch of bright and light can totally change the effect of room as well as your mind. Bright shiny room with little touch of creative wallpaper or a portrait can make huge difference in your interior decoration. Most of the times we want to be in the safe side just choose the pale color for our room and after quite few days it became very much boring. Try to bring life to your house just by try painting shades on a wall which is aloof from other part of the room and see the effect.

Try different custom color combination

Don’t go for that conventional off-white, white or beige color. Try some custom made color combination to be in the safe side use custom color from Benjamin Moore like the combination of oyster, mauve desert and Bradstreet beige or use straw, linen white and benningnton gray for light mood. You can also try using red which is sign of energy and youth. Try to highlight the red with combination of pure white. Red is commonly painted in accents, it is usually used in living room or library, and you can also try the combination in bedroom as well. If you feel the bright red is not your color try to replace this with mute red, pinkish red, brownish red or coral red. If you are pursuing bright color like red, green orange and yellow try to get curtain and other interiors, in light shade to make it perfect combination of aesthetics.

Try a mural painting on your room

Mural painting is a great idea to change the interior of your room. Try using your own theme and transform your room in any theme like fairy land or princess castle for kid’s room, a sea beach or blue sky or water fall or rainbow for adults. This can actually replace all the portrait and frame from one wall and give your room a new look. You can try your theme by painting yourself with the help of mural kit from local shop or you can hire local mural painter to finish this job.

Try to make your wall anything you want

Faux painting is a great idea to give a new look and definition to your wall. You can try to make your wall made up of anything like granite, steel or marble, just by using paint.  These actually mimic the texture of any metal or material you want. This is great idea for home office or for the basement turned into bedroom, which can easily hide any crack or undulation in the wall. Trying using different combination from Sherwin-Williams, they have different faux combination like old world impression or metallic expression or quartz stone impression or artisan impression.