What are the Tips to Remove Coffee Spot from your Favorite Cloth?

Drinking coffee in early morning or any time of the day is rituals for most of us. Spilling of coffee is also not abnormal happening in this normal cycle of drinking coffee. To remove Coffee Spot is a very difficult task. Especially if you are in hurry in train or in bus or in a meeting, it is hard to remove the stain immediately. Coffee stain became more recalcitrant if you allow it dry in your clothes and then try to clean it. Coffee is an organic food product its spot are not toxic. But it looks very bad and you actually can never use your white shirt if it gets stained once with coffee spill. Ordinary cleaning method or detergents are not very good solution to remove the spot. Here are the few tips you can use to remove your coffee spot spillage and save your favorite piece of cloth.

Try using chemical product

To remove Coffee Spot try using different instant spray or wash cloth or soap. Few companies offer wide range of product like tide instant Coffee stain remover, shout clean wipes, oxyclean resolve etc. They often dissolve the spot immediately and remove it very smoothly without washing whole cloth.

Try washing manually

If you are in home or the spill is in scarf or tie or napkins just remove the stain by washing it with hand in running Luke warm water. This is often very effective to remove the stain quickly.

Try using glycerin

Glycerin is extremely helpful if you want to remove the old coffee stain from cloth. This help to dissolve those brownish color and you can get back your fabric color back. Try adding few drops of glycerin in the spotted area wait for few minutes and then rub it. Then you can wash in normal washer with detergent.

Salt can be used

If you have salt nearby just add few tablespoon full of salt depending on the area of spillage and wait. Salt is the best solution to remove Coffee Spot. It will not only absorb that color and also help to prevent the penetration of color in nearby areas.

All time white vinegar

Try mixing 10 ml vinegar with 10ml of cold water and then put it with cotton ball in the stained area. This will help to fading the spot and help it clean easily to make it spotless. If the coffee spot is very strong just keep it vinegar for at least 10-12 hour before actual washing.

Using baking powder

One best way to remove Coffee Spot is Baking powder; it is very good at removing Coffee stain and also the odor any substance. Try to sprinkle baking powder over the stained area or make a condensed paste of baking powder with water and apply for 10 minutes in the fabric. .