What is Fortis Temporary Health Insurance? How its better for you?

What is Fortis Temporary Health Insurance? – We can be fallen in many problems which can result financial loss. Sometime you will not be able to fill this loss for shortage of money. To ensure the financial service of it, Insurance has imaged. Insurance is a system what secures your financial sides and provides financial helps at your problem time. There are many types of Insurance. Some are for long time and some are for short time. Short time insurance is simply known as Temporary Insurance.

Unexpected illnesses and accidents happen every day, and the resulting medical bills can be disastrous. You may be unable to pay the bills for having insufficient money. So to secure your medical costs insurance is also available at this sector which known as Health Insurance. When this Insurance is chosen for short time then it is known as Temporary Health Insurance.

By having a temporary health insurance as you can ensure your treatment costs rather than you can save money. People who is unemployed or more than 60, when they want to have a insurance they have to pay a large amount of money every month. But by having a short term health insurance the pay rate can be minimized.

Temporary Health Insurance has some problems. It’s not for everyone. Short term plans can only be in force for six months up to one year, depending on the state of residency. Those who have pre-existing conditions will not have coverage for those conditions under a short term plan. However, if there are no pre-existing conditions at the time of enrollment or if pre-existing conditions are minor and inexpensive, the savings can be great.

There are many insurance companies In USA who are providing Short Term Medical Insurance. “Fortis Health” is one of the leading insurance company of them. But now this company has changed his name as “Assurant Health”. “Fortis Insurance Company” is part of “Fortis Health”, which for more than 100 years has provided an array of insurance products to America’s diverse communities making it one of the leading health insurers in the nation. Fortis Health is part of Fortis, Inc.,Fortis is jointly owned by Fortis (NL) N.V. of The Netherlands and Fortis (B) of Belgium. It has been a vital part of the downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin community since 1900. The company draws on this history to successfully respond to changes and challenges in the business environment with customer-focused products and services.

This company provides Assurant Health’s Short Term Medical (STM) insurance and is the national leader in providing short term medical plans for those who are in between jobs, laid off, on strike, waiting for group coverage, seasonal employees, early retirees who are waiting for Medicare to begin, and those waiting for their employee group coverage to start. This insurance can be purchased for as few as 30 days and keep you covered for 185 days. Healthy individual from ages of 30 days and 64 years 11 month can be covered under this plan.

Short-term policies from this company may be ideal for students, as well as individuals who are recently unemployed, or even those who are newly employed and awaiting coverage start. This type of insurance will be eligible for you if your are:Healthy individuals between the ages of 15 days and age 64 and 11 months, Dependent children through and including age 20 or 24 if full-time student (This may apply for coverage as dependents in their parent’s plan.If you are over the age of 20 and are not a full-time student, you will need to obtain your own Short Term Medical plan), Foreign residents living in the U.S. for at least one year with proof of an Alien Registration Card, Green Card, Visa, or other appropriate documentation.

It is the number one seller of temporary health insurance in the U.S. In fact, this company first introduced this plan in 1973. Short Term Medical, offered through Fortis Insurance Company, is temporary health insurance for 30-12 months. Since the plan is not an HMO or PPO, you choose your own doctors and hospitals.This plan will not cover you outside of the US.

You will get those facilities by having this plan: $2 million coverage maximum per policy, Easy enrollment, Easy enrollment, Convenient payment modes: Check or Visa/MasterCard/Discover, Flexible payment options: single or monthly, Choice of Deductibles $250, $500, $1000, $2500, Rate of Payment Options 80/20 to $5000 or 50/50 to $5000, Prescription drug coverage and 10-day money back guarantee.