What is Mobile Microsite Development?

These days Mobile Microsite Development is a new advertising gimmick. These are also popularly known as mobi-sites. Microsites are also commonly used by many companies to notify and enlighten their affiliates about the mobile facilities and special features that are available on their mobile phones, may be pertaining to specific models.

Another very good usage of this Mobile Microsite Development is been done by newspaper agencies. Many newspaper agencies or publishers have combined their newspaper and mobile platforms to create some really smart advertising campaigns.  The way it works is simple. A keyword and text number appears in the form of an ad and the reader can receive further information from the advertiser, only if he/she wishes to.

To tap this opportunity many big names have jumped in to Mobile Microsite Development segment.  m-Wise (a very renowned mobile content technology vendor) has recently commercially launched a new web and mobile microsite development kit. This consists of a very simple and straight forward software package that allows easy configuration and installation. This microsite is completely branded and has ready to launch WAP and web microsites. This can be used for the promotion and selling of mobile digital content such as games, ring tones, audio tracks, high quality pictures and graphics, and video clips as well.

People would also be able to download the contents, graphics etc, send it to friends and can even sign up for updates via the mobile microsite.

You can also get a mobile microsite developed and offer your customers another way to interact directly and immediately.