What You Should Know About Personal Yahoo

The development of Science and Technology has provided many facilities amongst which the most popular facility is the computer and the internet. This facility has made the world a small place to live in as a person living in one corner of the world can easily contact a person living in another corner of the world and develop a professional or a personal relationship. The facilities have been further enhanced by most of the sites as they constantly utilize latest technologies to   provide the opportunity to their subscribers to search for the community of their choice.


They can also project their own personality on the website so that other people who share the same thoughts and ideas can easily interact with them and develop amicable relationship. One such site which is gaining vast popularity all over the world is Yahoo as it constantly keeps on updating and modifying the site. The other reason for the popularity of the site is that it is free which entices most of the people to utilize this site. This does not mean that Yahoo has stopped updating the facilities which has been proved by its introduction of the latest web page known as Personal Yahoo.


1. What is the difference between the present yahoo email system and yahoo personals?


There is a vast difference between the two systems. The ordinary email id can be used by any person to interact with people all over the world through the internet. On this mail id you can correspond at both personal level and professional level. You can avail all the facilities related to financial transactions, business dealings and professional correspondence with colleagues, subordinates or your boss. You can also interact with your friends, near and dear ones build up a pen pal relationship through this email id.


It means that you can easily do any type of dealing or correspondence which is possible in this world. But the personals related to this site felt that there was something missing amongst these facilities on the email site. So they decided to give a special touch to this ordinary site and make it more attractive and special for their users. Working on the basis of this idea they felt that something should be done to bring people close to each other at a different level and give them a broader ground to interact with each other keeping aside all the formalities and inhibitions so they introduced the personal yahoo which is an exclusive dating site meant for people who are single and are searching for life partners or soul mate.


2. Where and when can a person become a subscriber in yahoo personals?


This site had been introduced by yahoo nearly a decade ago as they felt that dating should not be restricted to the local area but it should spread out and all the persons who are interested in dating should get the chance to meet with people beyond the boundaries of their cities or country. It became so popular that now any person who is eighteen years old or above can become a subscriber to this site. As this is a very personal site some restrictions have been implied by yahoo to avoid any kind of abuse or misuse of this site. If you want to become a member of this site you should read the terms and conditions very carefully as any type of attitude that is deemed to be abusive can be dealt with very strictly.

If you subscribe for yahoo personals you cannot use it as an email id as you can correspond only with those people who post their profile with the help of their personal mailbox to your personal mailbox.


3. How can a person become a subscriber in personal yahoo?


As mentioned above the first criteria that is required for subscribing to personal yahoo is that you should be an adult that is your age should be eighteen years or above. The second and the most important criteria that you have to keep in mind while becoming a member of this site is that you should be single that either a spinster or a bachelor, divorced, widow or a widower. On the whole we can say that you should not have any kind of conjugate relationship with anybody. It is also essential that you should have a yahoo email id to become a subscriber in this site.


To make things more secure and confidential yahoo has kept this site free only for seven days so that you can browse through the entire facilities that you can avail on this site. After that if you want to continue then you have to become a paid member. The correspondence procedure can start only when you become a fully paid member on personal yahoo. So go ahead and avail the seven day free trail period if you are interested in dating.