Without exercise how many calories you burn per day?

A unit of heat that is used to measure the energy obtained from food is calorie. During the discussions of diet and nutrition, the unit of calorie is used. A specific number of calories are there in each food product. The human body gets 1lb of weight for every 3,500 calories of consumption. Daily such intake for an individual is 2,000 calories. There will be a slight variation in calorie intake as per person’s weight and height.

How they are calculated? Whatever be the type of the activity, every day the human body burns calories. Compared to milder activities like reading or sitting, vigorous activities namely swimming or running burn more calories. Walking, sleeping, driving, standing etc are some of the calorie-burning activities. As an average, 380 calories are burned when a person sleeps eight hours a day. The rest of the hours are used for other activities. As a result, without exercise, 2000 calories are burned per day. Depends on the individual’s metabolism and calorie intake, the calorie intake number varies.

Per day a person is required to consume 2000 calories. A person burns the same amount of such without exercises also that we have just calculated. A person consumes 4000 calories per day and burns only 2000 calories or less than that, per week he will gain weight 4lbs. If a person consumes 3000 calories per day and burns 4000 calories per day, he will lose 2lbs per week. To maintain nice health is one’s duty. In order to weight loss, you should know how many carbohydrates, protein as well as calories etc you should be eating per week.

Lots of fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet of every person. Instead of carbonated drinks drink lots of water, yogurt, tender coconut water etc. Also different types of diseases can be prevented through eating good foods and exercises. There are many advantages for maintaining good health. You can wear different types of readymade dresses as per your fashion sense and can enjoy many functions. Whether to gain weight, lose weight or to maintain good health, calorie intake should count. By this process a proper diet plan can be focused by all people.