Worry Free Beautiful Garden

A beautiful landscaped garden can be compared with heaven. But achieving a beautiful garden requires much of your time attention and effort. In case you don’t have plan for long time maintenance and you don’t want to spend much from wallet, you can instill few ideas to make your garden beautiful in some quick makeover. First take an idea that which portion of your garden is always expose to sun, which are the part which always remain shady , which part is easy to water and which part you want to enjoy the most, Which part you want to keep dry and which part you want to keep wet. Now it will be easy plan for you to make a fancy garden within small budget. There few things you need to remember a good garden they are as follows
Keep the grass in minimal area

Grass definitely looks good in any garden, but it is also hard to maintain with less effort and small budget. Grass definitely needs watering on regular basis and you also need to mow the grass with lawnmower every few weeks. Applications of fertilizer or spraying pesticide or take care for unwanted weeds are regular job we cannot ignore for every garden. So just to make life easier try keep small grassy patch in your garden just for your young one to play. Try to design in such a way that you can cover the other places with low maintenance soft carpet flowery plants like Blue Star Creeper or Irish moss etc. You can put some other pants like Japanese herbs for example Pachysandra terminalis ‘Variegata.

Take care of your walkway and little patio

You need those big deck made of woods, then paint them or maintain every now and then. You just make your patio in low level from ground made up of marvel, stone or slate. This will keep your patio clean and tidy and will easily feet your small budget. Just you need to hose them on half yearly basis. You can also plant a walkway throughout the garden that will help you to seat in anywhere you want and also keep your garden clean.

Replace your fence with beautiful hedges

Installing and maintain hedges are always cumbersome and expensive. You need to take care of them by occasional painting or cleaning. It is always good idea to cover the garden area for some part of privacy with little shrubs like boxwoods, glossy abelia etc. This easily grows few inches tall and need low maintenance. This need little sun and less water and can easily feet our small budget.

Color your garden with mulch

It is very helpful to cover your garden with different type of mulch. Mulch is very useful to protect moisture and erosion of soil. It also protects your plant from unwanted weeds. Add mulch in the base of flowering plant or tress to keep it clean and safe at the same time. Cedar wood chip, sawdust are good foe mulching your garden. If you want to invest little more for at one time use stone which needs minimal maintenance at keep your garden maintained for long time.